Automatic Delivery

Don't run out of oil or propane this winter - leave the worry to us. It is no longer necessary to run down to the basement (or outside) to check the gauge on your tank. We maintain complete delivery history for all our customers on our computer system, which determines when you will need your next fuel delivery. Automatic deliveries are calculated by taking your tank capacity, your burning rate, and outside temperature into consideration. Over time, your fuel usage pattern is tracked and noted by our computer system.

Please contact our office if you make a significant change in your consumption, such as: addition to home, prolonged family stay, or if you spend the winter away from home. These facts will allow us to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Leahy's Oil Storage Terminal

Due to an investment in a new state-of-the-art oil storage facility in Danbury, CT, in addition to the existing bulk propane storage constructed in 1987, we are positioned to supply all of our customers' needs through the toughest of winters in a safe and environmentally responsible way!