How To Cancel Auto Delivery

In order to cancel automatic delivery we ask that you do any of the following:

1.) Send us an email to stating the account number, name, address, and the effective date that you would like to cancel automatic delivery or

2.) Send a fax with the same information to 203-616-2100 or

3.) Send us a certified letter with the information referenced above or

4.) Stop by our office to complete and sign a cancellation request order.

Please understand that for customers who are not on automatic delivery we assume no responsibility for any damage including but not limited to burst pipes due to a no-heat condition.

In addition, in electing this option you are aware you will lose your discount, if any, for the time period your account remains on a will-call basis. This includes any dual-product incentives such as multi-product discounts and waiving of tank rental fees, if applicable.

All will-call orders will require up to 10 business days advance notice or will be subject to a special routing charge of $79.95 and up plus tax, dependent on location. In the event you run out after the close of business and request a delivery, Monday through Friday you will be subject to an after-hours fee of $139.95, plus tax in addition to the cost of the product delivered. In the event you run out weekends or holidays and request a delivery you will be subject to an after-hours fee of $217.50, plus tax in addition to the cost of product delivered.

*If you are out of propane gas and in the event upon delivery there is no access inside, for safety precautions we will do a pressure test at the cylinder. If pressure isn’t holding at the cylinder we must lock and plug the tank at your location. You will be subject to a Pressure Test System Turn On Fee (Presto Tap) of $99.95/plus tax for a service technician to be dispatched to restore your service during regular business hours.

Customers wishing to return to automatic delivery are required to follow the above referenced requirements that the notification be in writing.