Service Contract Plans

Basic Service Plan

The Basic Service Plan covers many things that typically go wrong with your system and includes an annual tune-up. Leahy’s will repair or replace during the term of this agreement, at no extra charge to our customers, any of the following parts which may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear.

Basic Service Plan


Cad Cell Assembly
Cad Cell Control
Cad Cell Eye
Circulator Relay
Combination Control
Emergency Switch
High Limit Control
Low Limit Control
Pressuretrol Control
Primary Control
Reverse Aquastat
Stack Control
Thermostat (manual)
Triple Aquastat
Triple Aquastat Relay

Propane Burner Parts

Burner Tubes
Burner Orifice
Electronic Ignition
End Cone
Flame Sensor
Gas Stop Valve
Gas Valve
Glow Bar
Low Voltage Transformer
Pilot Assembly
Pilot Burner
Pilot Orifice
Pilot Valve
Pressure Regulator
Pressure Switch

Oil Burner Parts

Burner Air Tube
Burner Coupling
Burner Fan
Burner Flange Gasket
Burner Motor
Burner Switch
Buss Bar Transformer Leads
Delayed Oil Valve
Delayed Oil Valve Coil
Electrode Assembly
End Cone
Ignition Lead
Ignition Transformer
Low Voltage Wiring
Nozzle Assembly
Nozzle Line
Solenoid Valve

Hot Water Systems*

Circulator Coupling
Circulator Motor
Circulator Motor Mounts
Circulator Switch
Circulator Wicking

Fuel Supply Parts

Anti-Hum Device
Fill Cap
Firomatic Valve
Fuel Filter Cartridge
Fuel Filter Complete
Fuel Pump Bleeder
Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Strainer
Vent Cup

Furnace Systems*

Air Filter (once per year)
Air Stat
Blower Belt
Blower Motor
Blower Pulley
Fan Control
Limit Control

*Excludes Air Handlers

Total Comfort Plan

The Total Comfort Plan includes everything in the Basic Service Plan plus the significant addition of the following major parts and services.

Total Comfort Plan


Air Scoop
Air Vent
Automatic Water Feeder
Balance Valves
Bearing Assembly
Blower Bearings*
Blower Complete*
Blower Shaft*
Blower Wheel*
Boiler Valves
Boiler/Furnace Wiring
Circulator Complete*
Circulator Impeller
Check Valves
Clock Thermostat
Combustion Chamber
Draft Inducer Motor
Draft Regulator
Dual Valve
Expansion Tank
Extrol Tank
Feed Valve
Flow Control Valve*
Flue Pipe (single wall)

Parts (continued)

Gate Valves
Glass Gauge
Globe Valve
High Pressure Regulator
Humidifier Fan*
Humidifier Float*
Humidifier Motor*
Humidifier Pad (one per year)*
Low Pressure Regulator
Low Water Cutoff Float
Low Water Cutoff Switch
Low Voltage Transformer
Mixing Valves
Oil Tank Gauge
Pressure Reducing Valve
Purge Valve
Relief Safety Valve
System 2000 Manager
Temperature Gauge
Zone Valve Complete*
Zone Valve Motor*
Zone Valve Powerhead*
Zone Valve Relay*
Zone Valve Stem*


Repair heating system water leaks (boiler only)
Venting of baseboard or radiators
Adjusting boiler pressure
Adjusting water level
Carbon monoxide testing

*Excludes Air Handlers

Separate Water Heater

(Oil Fired or Propane)

Coverage Includes:

Complete Burner Tune-Up
Burner Parts
Cad Cell Control

24-Hour Emergency Service

365 Days per Year
(203) 748-3535 or 800-932-8084

Leahy's maintains its own in-house service department of trained, Connecticut-certified technicians. We maintain an extensive, onsite parts inventory. We do not rely on an outside supply house for emergency parts.

Our experienced service staff is on call for emergency service all year round. Rest assured, when it is below freezing late at night during the winter, our techs will be standing by to get your heating systems working and keep your family warm.

Terms & Conditions

Size and Type of Units Covered

This service plan is intended for a single family dwelling. The heating plan is designed for oil and propane residential equipment burning up to three gallons per hour.

Inspection and Service

Leahy’s reserves the right to inspect equipment prior to acceptance. We do this to ensure that your equipment is working properly or is made to work properly so that both parties are aware of the equipment’s condition at the time of plan acceptance. Repairs required before plan acceptance will be billed at prevailing rates. Inspections (including flue pipe), tune-ups, and required service are subject to the accessibility of equipment and the availability of parts from normal supply sources.

Annual inspection and tune-ups will be performed during regular business hours. Leahy’s will not be responsible for tune-ups, inspection, or service not performed due to the unavailability of customer to schedule work. All service will be performed providing the safety of our technicians is not compromised. The condition and maintenance of the chimney and flue are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Purchase of Fuel/Cancellation

The customer here by agrees during the terms of this plan to keep his/her account current.

This plan will be cancelled in the event that the customer breaches this agreement, or in the event that a Leahy’s representative determines that continued operation of the equipment may pose a health or safety risk. In the event of cancellation, refunds (if any) will be prorated on the full months remaining on the plan less any services rendered prior to cancellation.


This plan will automatically renew from year to year on the anniversary date, unless you cancel the plan. The anniversary date refers to the date of Leahy’s’ acceptance of this plan.


The following acts or conditions are specifically excluded from this plan because they are not related to maintenance service. Any work performed due to these conditions will be billed at our prevailing rates.

  • Leaking, frozen, or congealed oil lines or tanks
  • Coverage to unattended properties or damages from heat failure for any reason
  • Electrical or plumbing work beyond the immediate unit
  • Lack of oil or gas, unless on automatic delivery from Leahy’s
  • Addition of components or replacement of entire system
  • Repeated pump-out of water in storage tanks
  • Owner/operator errors or omissions
  • Damage due to water, fire, acts of God, tampering, abuse, or other causes beyond our control
  • Labor relating to the installation of parts not covered by your contract will be billed at prevailing labor rates
  • Damage from leaking propane or oil lines or customer-owned tanks
  • Damage due to attempts to service equipment by person(s), including owners, unless instructed by our service department
  • Contracts do not cover relocation, upgrade or replacement of equipment
  • Steam system low water cutoffs are tested and flushed during the annual tune-up; Leahy’s assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from the failure of this control and recommends an adequate water level be maintained at all times and that it be flushed periodically by the owner

Limitations of Liability

Leahy’s shall not be liable for injury or damage to persons or property resulting in defects in, or non-operation of, customer’s heating equipment, its accessories, or damages resulting from equipment failure. Leahy’s will not be held responsible for modifying or replacing equipment that fails to heat any structure due to improper system design or improperly-sized equipment.

The customer shall be responsible for the condition and maintenance of the fuel tank, lines, and piping. Leahy’s assumes no liability for same. This service plan does not insure against tank leakage or any damages to persons or property resulting from tank or oil line leakage. This service plan does not cover any installation, cleanup, removal, remediation, or other cost of compliance with any environmental or other laws, rules or regulations. Tank repair and replacement shall be billed at prevailing rates at the time of repair or replacement.

Leahy’s assumes no liability for any damage to a home that is unattended for 24 hours. This includes damage to homes of automatic delivery or will-call customers due to no-heat conditions as a result of equipment failure and/or out-of-fuel conditions.

Entire Agreement

This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto, and there are no promises, terms, conditions or obligations other than printed herein.