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Providing residential and commercial propane delivery, Leahy's Fuels, Inc. serves the greater Danbury area, with territories throughout CT and NY. Please inquire about the many state, local, regional or government incentives programs you could qualify for to offset the purchase costs of new propane furnaces, water heaters, and other appliances for your home. Call us today! Help us help you with all of your propane needs!


B20 is an exciting new heating fuel that blends standard heating oil with renewable biodiesel - resulting in a safe, exceptionally clean, and environmentally friendly fuel. B20 comes from our usual reliable supply of heating oil and agricultural products, many produced right here in the USA. One of B20's many great benefits is that it can be used in any oil heating system without modification. As our customer, you will continue to enjoy the same seamless, reliable heating that you have come to expect from Leahy's Fuels. We are proud to deliver a better energy source to our customers and our community. No decision on your part is required.

We will provide (B20) Blend B20 to all of our customers this heating season based on availability and our ability to deliver it at no additional cost compared to conventional heating oil.


For more than 100 years, Leahy's Fuels, Inc., has been a leading kerosene (#1 Fuel) delivery provider. That hasn't changed. We offer kerosene delivery throughout our sales territories. Please do not hesitate to contact our team of customer service agents with any inquiries you may have!


If you have an existing oil burning system in your home or business, it is important that you know which type of fuel to use in your system. Using the wrong kind of fuel could not only cause harm to your system, it could be dangerous.
B20 - fuel oil and kerosene are effective fuels that can be used safely. The choice of fuel type should really depend on what type and location of the tank on your property. It is quite simple. If your tank is located inside of your home or business, you should use B20 - fuel oil. If you have an aboveground oil tank that is located outside or in an unheated crawl space below your home, you should use kerosene. Why? Kerosene has a significantly lower pour point and works extremely well in extreme winter conditions and cold temperatures. Where B20 - fuel oil can gel when exposed to extreme cold temperatures causing service related issues and no-heat conditions.
Choosing kerosene to be delivered to your outside aboveground tank will offer you peace-of-mind from the coldest nights of the year and a possible heat outage from gelling fuel. Remember, you will be protecting your family and your home from all the grief that can result from a heat outage, on the coldest nights the risk of pipes freezing can happen in hours, not days.
Helping thousands of CT and NY families, for over 100 years, Leahy's Fuels, Inc. makes keeping you warm and safe it's top priority.

Please contact our customer service department with any questions you may have or to establish an account today! Be sure to inquire about our dual product incentive program, various price protection plans, service contract plans, budget plans & community rates, if applicable.

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Fuel waxing under cold conditions: kerosene vs. home heating oil/B20 identification by the friedman-freezer-test - the cloud point for a petroleum product or fuel is generally described as the temperature at which small solid crystals are first visually observed as the fuel cools.

This is the point at which the flow of the fuel through piping and equipment begins to be affected. "Cold filter plugging" is the point at which a fuel filter will plug and fuel will cease to flow.

This is a lower temperature than the cloud point. But here we just care about the visible cloud point in heating oil and kerosene.

Kerosene has a lower cloud point, waxing point or pour point than No. 2 home heating oil or B20.

No. 2 home heating oil, B20 or diesel fuel waxing or clouding or gelling begins to occur when the liquid heating oil reaches about - 9 °C or about 16 °F. (Clouding can occur typically between 8 °F above zero down to 15 °F. below.)

Kerosene waxing, clouding, or gel point: (much lower thank No.2 home heating oil, as low as -40 ° F.)