Prebuy Program

Pre-buy Home Heating Oil & Propane Program

*CT State Law prohibits the execution of pre-buy contracts for residential customers during the period of November 1 - March 31.

The pre-buy program allows you to purchase all of your heating season's needs right now. Look at it this way - if you had a tank that could hold your full season's capacity, would you fill it?

We also provide the opportunity to buy a portion of your annual needs now and buy the remaining gallons later this Summer/Fall at the prevailing pre-buy price. In this case the contract will be applied in the order purchased. [The decision is yours] Anyone who signs up for this program remains on automatic delivery through the last delivery. At this point you would revert to posted pricing on an automatic delivery basis unless you notify us otherwise. *Note: Under CT state law, this program will not be available between November 1st – March 31st.

This program is merely an option. We do not recommend or discourage it as there is no way of knowing if this will save you money. The future price of oil or propane may change dramatically for many different reasons. You may very well do better by not locking-in. However, this program does offer the peace of mind of not taking any risk related to price volatility.

We would be pleased to discuss this program with you. Please call our customer service representatives at (203) 748-3535 and they will answer any questions you may have and provide you with the pre-buy price of the day. The decision is up to you!